Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Promoting your website

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
In  this  part  we  will  overview  various  methods  to  generate  traffic  to  your  website. Basically there are 2 categories: free and paid.

Free traffic represents - SEO, link exchanges, banner trading, participation in forums, newsgroups, posting blog comments where appropriate, writing and submitting articles to directories .

Paid traffic represents – paid advertising methods as Pay Per Click (PPC), paid banner advertising, paid links, running ads in newspapers, radio or distributing flyers in your local community, etc.

Below you will read another method you could use for promoting your website.

Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box, contunually learning and adapting ideas from other industries can all lead to insane amounts of publicity and huge revenues.

Business fields such as advertising thrive on people who think outside the box "mostly are bloggers". Such people know that when it comes to advertising and selling a product, the world has seen it all before. New, more inventive ways are sought by the most creative people in advertising in order to try and make consumers see things in a different light. By thinking outside the box and catching people’s imagination, advertising executives latch on to something interesting and new, even if the basic product is old.
Webmaters and bloggers alike use this method to gain more readership, sales and affiliates, one reminder in using this method "don't go preaching in the same place", be more versatile spread your word out and reach other people when advertising, don`t focus all your  attention in one topic be creative, selling a product is not all about business there are some parts of it that needs to be talk about and be shared to everyone.


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