Friday, December 17, 2010

BidZinga How To

Friday, December 17, 2010
I came across about this bidding website called BidZinga where you can get an item at a very low price, example a normal retail price for an ipod apple touch is about 299USD where in BidZinga you can have it in a leaser price for about 4 to 7 USD puzzled and asking how in the earth you can have an apple ipod for just a couple of bucks.
Here`s  How it Works.
When you register at their site your not going to use a normal currency, instead a bid package that came in 10pcs, 30pcs and  160pcs that have a Dollar equivalent where 10 bid package have a value of 12USD, your going to use this bid package to bid on item that have been in auction. all item starts at zero value your going to press the bid button to place a bid and raise a few cents and add a few seconds on the timer "if you are using eBay you can get the hung of it" winners of the item are being featured on their site as well.
My Personal Opinion 
Okay, say you bid on a laptop and win  it for about 15USd. To get to 15USD, it would take around 300 bids. because the item starts at zero cost  Each bid costs 1.1USD So for 15USD, you win an iPod for 15USD. If you buy 10 bid package and use it all but didn't win, you're out $9.90 and don't get anything.
That doesn't sound like such a good deal, does it? but for what i have heard and seen some user win item for just a couple of bids, i tried to watch how the bidding goes and set my eye on one of the item that is ending in a couple seconds, their are two bidders who`s firing their bids like throwing a rock in a pond of water, when the bidding ends the price of the item have been raised from zero to 4USD and if you look at the bidding history it takes the winning bidder about 15 bids to win the item. but their is an anomaly on it having a website like that where you can get an item at a very low price and having 2700 unique visit and with a thousand members, how is it that their are only two to five and did not even have a hundred users firing their bids and with those very expensive item up for grabs and being advertise on facebook it will be a popular website in no time. oh did i mention that the testimonial on their site makes me hard to believe that they really win the item.
well its up to you to prove me wrong if BidZinga is hiding something.
Take a visit and see it for your self here is the link


Jubert said...

Bidzinga, They sent me a defective iPAD and promised replacement and also refund for the shipment and also the customs tax and other liabilities incurred. They have yet to send me the replacement. It has been more than two months now. I kept asking for the replacement on their support and all they say is that they will send it tomorrow or within the week. I still got nothing. Just lost my hard earned money to them. They scammed me. I got proof if there is anybody who wants to rant against me. I am open for discussion.

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