Saturday, December 25, 2010

Free Logo Design For Your Website Or Blog

Saturday, December 25, 2010
I know how hard to find a Logo for your website or blog, or how expensive to hire a designer to make one for you, that`s why i am offering a "Custom Design Logo Just For You" by making a donation into this blog i will make a handmade logo just only for your website or blog, their will be no design alike, don`t worry about copyright images, all materials being use is free to use with no royalty. i wont just send you a logo i will make sure that it will fit into your site appearance.

Here`s how
First make a donation into this blog you can donate any amount even if  $1 or a $100 and post your website or blog URL on the comment bellow, i`ll visit your site and create an appropriate logo for you.

How will i receive the logo
I will send the logo whose name and email appear at my paypal account thank you.

Here are some design example


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