Friday, January 1, 2010

Free Website Hits And Visitors

Friday, January 1, 2010
I have tried to many of this site where they offer free website hits if you surf some advertisers page just like yours and mine. the credit you earn is lower than the paid members, some promise a thousand visit and some are even in millions don`t get me wrong but i think i need to laugh at this why? because i have tried it and the result is so frustrating, you surf 100 page and  in return you will get 1000 visitors, now that`s what advertising is! but after doing the so and so click and click nothing really happens i am still stuck in one visit per day (crooked website) they earned from you but you don`t earn from theme nice way of advertising huh! another way of advertising is exchange links yes this one is a good way to introduce your blog the downside is are sure that the other end will post your link or he may post your link and delete it after a couple of days, and his or her link stayed at your page for a long time sharing everything even your visitors, ha ha ha ha you have been owned my friend.
Another way of advertising your page is trough social media website yes, this one is very effective but you have to do your part and they will do their part its about sharing and understanding, the downside, it will take up much of your time and you will  be tired answering lots of mail and invitation, accepting friends request and posting your links but with this you meet new people with different interest, personality and culture you don`t have to always talk about your blog and business in this type of SEO talk about everything be one of your friends share them what they want and in return you will surely get what you want just be nice and always return the favor.   


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