Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting Better

Saturday, January 9, 2010
I have 356 days left to make a difference in 2010 and i`m afraid the year will pass swift by and before i know it another year is over and a new ones begins, full of promise that will never kept, of solution that will just as soon as they are made become forgotten.
On surface level, its easy to be deluded that we are in better place. time has brought us thus far, in which we can communicate instantly without talking, in which we can reach our destination without walking or running or making strides, in which we can write without staining our fingers with ink, in which we eat what we need not to cook, just add water.
But are we in better place, really? are we faster, more effective, more efficient, more productive? sometimes, i`d like to think we are aiming higher now, but then i realize we stumble too often on the first few step to get any respectable altitude. just when we have all the tools to allow us to roam more freely, without neglecting our responsibility, we find ourselves more and more tied to our desk. just when we can simply google the right spelling or the right connotation, just when the necessity of going, to the library and going to through piles of books or newspaper in verifying our facts has been eliminated, we are confronted with unbelievable grammatical, stylistic, and substantial errors in our daily writing and our daily reading.
Maybe our predecessors were right all along, making sure we didn`t get what we desired until we earned them, including the right to express ourselves, the right to object or to say "no" the right to pursue rest or recreation.
We really have a come along way but we never forgot the wisdom we have earned.  


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